Dr Foo is absolutely fabulous!  I fell off my porch with heavy weighted bat bags, one on each shoulder.  When I fell my left leg slipped off the porch into the garden, my right knee collapsed under me, putting me into a split position and the weighted bags arched my back, hyper extending it backwards and injuring my sciatica nerve that debilitated my left leg entirely.  I was in excruciating pain.  It took me 3 weeks dealing with my insurance provider who was not cooperative.  Once I found Dr. Foo at KURE my prayers were answered!  He was absolutely awesome!

“I went to Kure Pain Management April 22 2015 on the recommendation from my primary healthcare physician to find some way to bring my pain under control.  Upon arriving to Kure Pain Management I was introduced to Dr. A and Sara the PA. After explaining to them the history of my injuries.  They decided on a process on what would be best to control my pain level which at the time was on a scale from 1 -10 was a level of 9.  After trying different methods and medications they both came up with a solution that would lower my pain level.  I was surprised at how they seemed to go out of their way to make me feel a lot better.  Their professionalism reduced my pain from a 9 level down to 5.  Which has turned out to be very comfortable for me. They are truly my heroes.”

“I was in a car accident 6 years ago which resulted in L4 L5 herniated disk.  I saw multiple doctors that wanted to mask the pain. I was recommended to Dr. Saraf two years ago.  Unlike other doctors he wanted to treat the pain.  He performed a series of procedures and the pain levels went from 8 out of 10 to a 3 out of 10.  While significantly reducing my pain medication.  Dr. Saraf recommended aquatic physical therapy which increased my mobility.  The result of this was I was able to lose 170 pounds.  I am very happy with the services the doctor provided.  The office staff extremely helpful.  I thank the entire staff for providing me a better pain free quality of life.”


“My Doctor is a very friendly and an easy going person to discuss my paths and problems with.  He listens fully and takes the time to go over a plan that works the best for me.  His staff is very friendly and I plan on coming back and letting everyone know about my experience.”


“My Husband experienced exceptional care at Kure Pain Management when he was left with little hope after being misdiagnosed elsewhere.  The staff is welcoming and compassionate.  They saw my husband within 3 hours of my initial call and ordered his MRI prior to our arrival so we could get accurately diagnosed the same day.  They prescribed both a back shot and physical therapy so my husband could rehabilitate himself without drugs.  This is extremely important considering my husband is an attorney and cannot be on drugs all day long and do his job.  My husband has been pain free for almost 4 years.”


“I have been going to Kure Pain Management for the past few months for a spine and shoulder injury I obtained at an old job.  They have been very kind and accommodating to me.  My doctor is kind while explaining what he is doing and how the procedure went as well as what we will do next.  He is attentive to my needs and prescribes proper medication to ensure that I can get through my workday.  I highly recommend going to Kure Pain Management if you need help managing your pain.  I also have tattoos and piercings and they didn’t judge me for that which goes a long way.”



“My Doctor was very professional yet warm and I felt that he knew what he was doing.  He carried out my procedure with ease.  I greatly appreciated how he introduced himself to me before the procedure and explained everything that he was doing before he did it.”

“Don’t know where to start but from the first time I came to Kure to my last day I was treated as if I was the only person. The staff goes over and beyond, and focuses on the individual. I have had physical therapy before for the same thing, then switched to Kure Pain Management Therapy and they focused directly on the pain area. It just amazes me how Kure Pain Management helped to get straight to the pain and get me better. I just want to thank you all, it’s definitely been a long 11 months after my car accident and I finally fell much better. Keep up the great work. Thanks Mary and Kure Pain Management.”

“Even with all my exercise and outside programs I learned a great deal about correct exercise postures from Josh in order not to re-injure myself. And the massage work loosened and worked perfectly along with Josh’s exercise program for me. I have told many people in all my clubs and my water aerobics classes about the great treatment program here at KURE. Superb!”

“Dear Chris, I cannot begin to thank you for your care and knowledge during the time you treated me.  My back has been a very challenging issue for an active person.  You not only provided excellent treatment to me but guided me through the medical process of choices.  Your patient manner made me feel ok to run many options by you—I some way you were my “rock” and “go to” person who I trusted and respected.   KURE is very lucky to have you as a leader for this team.  Thank you so much!”

“I have had treatment at other PT offices but have never experienced such a mature competent staff and therapist. Chris Hoffmann explained my injury and made sure and understood how to do the exercises at home. His one on one approach was very beneficial to my healing and I won’t hesitate to recommend him to others who are having PT problems and need the extra attention that others do not provide.”

“All of you exemplify the word “TEAM”. I cannot thank you for the wonderful experience that was made out of my physical therapy “knee bootcamp”! Of all the many PT facilities I’ve been to I truly can say “you’re the best”!”

“When I started I thought I would never reach the goals my therapist showed me but I did. It was all due to Mary.

Mary is an excellent therapist and professional in her dealing, knowledgeable –just ideal.”

“Completely different than previous physical therapy experiences. Josh restored my faith in the benefits and reliability of PT.”

“Over the years I’ve been to many PT offices. They always had me in tears trying to do exercises. Then they’d say we can’t help everyone. Chris and the staff changed my life and have taught me so much. He is so clear that I am the one telling my friends about back pain and why they need Chris and staff. I will miss them.”

“It is a teaching environment; not only for the Patient, but for any PT student within this Particular Industry The patient does come first here Thanks”

“Chris is the Ultimate Professional and always receptive to my needs. He is very patient esp. when I tell him what I have not done! John is also an outstanding therapist I like the front desk staff they are friendly, helpful and always professional. In the last 12 years I have been to 5 pain management groups + KPM is absolutely #1 in all aspects.”

“I had a great experience and look forward to my future visits. Very professional staff.”

Excellent customer service. Love Dr. Abdeshahian!  Basically pain free!”

“Kure Pain Management has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. Every provider is so kind and patient. Very different from other pain management clinics. I am completely satisfied.”