Medical Acupuncture To Treat Conditions & Prevent Illness

Today, many patients are seeking a more holistic approach to pain management that includes the promotion of natural healing in the body. Medical Acupuncture can offer an effective alternative to drugs and medicines and can help to promote your overall health and being by preventing illness and treating certain medical conditions.

Medical Acupuncture refers to the procedure being performed by medical doctor to help relieve a specific chronic conditions. The treatment is administered through the insertion of needles into certain trigger points. These trigger points are areas that correspond with the painful nerves that are associated with these conditions. When these needles are applied, they help to block pain signals that are received from the brain. This type of therapy also helps the body to produce serotonin, which can help to improve the mood of the patients and reduce depression. Cortisol is another chemical that is released by medical acupuncture treatment, and this chemical helps to treat and reduce inflammation, which is often present in these ailments.

The number of treatments received is dependent upon the patient. For chronic, complex problems, the treatments may be more frequent than those of acute problems. Medical acupuncture is becoming a more viable option in pain relief and is being used more often in conjunction with conventional medicine.

Kure Pain Management Specialists of Maryland offer medical acupuncture to treat a number of physical ailments and chronic pain conditions. We provide our patients with prompt, quality care in a comfortable setting. Our team of professionals and can offer a pain management program that takes into account multiple disciplines and each patient’s unique needs. Find out what Kure Pain Management Specialists have to offer you, and contact us to schedule your initial consultation.

Lisanne Cormier, M.AC, L.AC gives a short demo of acupuncture technique. Lisanne is now scheduling appointments at the Annapolis, MD location. She focuses on therapeutic pain relief through the use of acupuncture and solutions to restore wellness.