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“I had a sudden onset of severe neck pain and Dr. Freas saw me right away.  He did an injection and recommended Josh Bigelow for physical therapy.  KURE Pain Management helped me get back to work quickly and I am able to work out again!” -Sandy Elwood

“I could not turn my head without excruciating pain due to degenerative disc disease. Thanks to the neck injection followed by the medical massage and the TENS unit therapy, I feel great!” -Paul Cohen

“Dr Davies analyzed the MRI’s of my lower back and placed an injection into the exact spot for immediate relief. He recommended Chris Hoffmann for physical therapy. I followed the protocol (especially at home) and the pain has not returned.” -Debbie Siebert

“My back pain was so sudden and severe, I was completely debilitated. I was misdiagnosed and was left with little hope. The team of doctors, MAs and physical therapists at KURE Pain Management helped me through the maze of pain management solutions and got me off the narcotics the others prescribed. I was completely pain free and back to work within two weeks! I have been pain free for over a year!” -Matt Evans III

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Treatment Plan: Spinal Cord Stimulator and Facet Joint Injections
As an occupational therapist, Sharon Burns had a good understanding of physiology. Her job also involved lifting heavy patients. This ultimately took its toll when, while dancing one night in 2002, her knees buckled and she first experienced intense pain in her lower back that radiated down her legs. She knew that something was very wrong.

In fact, Sharon had herniated discs at L4-L5 and L5-S2. This led to surgery which gave pain relief for a brief while. Within months of her first surgery, Sharon underwent a fusion with autograft. In this surgery, she experienced a large blood loss, spent time in the ICU and endured a 10 day hospital stay. Six months after the fusion, Sharon was in a car accident, aggravating everything! Her pain became intense and debilitating.

Ultimately, her hardware was removed. Her pain worsened in winter‘s cold. The surgeons told her that there was no mechanical reason she should be in so much pain.

Throughout the ordeal, Sharon was given many medications for pain. Even when the pain was reduced, the side effect made it difficult to function. At its worst, the pain left Sharon unable to work and unable to care for her daughter as the pain took all of her energy and focus.

Sharon became a patient of Dr. Paul Davies after hearing him speak on Kent Island. Together they came up a treatment plan: Medications have been greatly reduced. Sharon gets trigger point injections in facet joints to keep pain at bay. Making the most significant difference is the electrical spinal stimulator Sharon has had implanted. The stimulator electrode contacts are pinpointed to target the specific pain causing receptors, enabling her to be virtually pain free. Sharon is now gearing up to go back to work. She is having fun with her daughter just starting her Freshman year at Towson University! Through her pain ordeal, Sharon has learned that patients need to be involved with their own care. She knows that patients need to have a good comfort level with their pain specialist. For some patients, it can be a long term relationship.


Treatment Plan: Multi-disciplinary team approach
Debbie O‘Halloran has progressed osteoporosis and arthritis. She bent down to pick up a pen and cracked a rib. When she slipped on a wet floor, her elbow exploded and she cracked her coccyx bone. Before coming to KURE Pain Management, Debbie had spent more than 2 years enduring intense pain and overwhelming treatment. She had already seen “so many different doctors… taken every pain medication you can think of… as many as 5 or 6 at a time… had had surgeries including Kyphoplasty”…

Yet every day and night she was riddled with pain. She could not push herself out of a chair. Needed a walker to walk, could not sleep. She was in too much pain to do anything! Debbie is typically an optimistic person by nature. But as she describes it, “When you are in a lot of pain… life seems to drag on forever”! The pain eventually took its toll to the point she isolated herself, frequently did not even get dressed and she scared herself because she became so disheartened. Eventually she thought that if this is the way she had to live… what was the point? As Debbie stood in a medical supply store picking out a walker she said to herself that “this is it… downhill from here”. At 55 years of age, because of her osteoporosis and arthritis, Debbie thought her life was as good as over.

What Debbie got first and foremost from her very first visit to KURE Pain Management was “hope”. Before anything at all was done, she experienced the benefits of the “team” approach. There was a “plan”. Debbie acknowledges that the other doctors she had seen were doing their job, but pain was just a part of what they were looking at. KURE Pain Management worked with her to come up with a plan for reducing and managing her pain with the goal of regaining function and quality of life.

That treatment plan has enabled Debbie to be weaned from medications, has included the KURE Pain Management neuropsychologist‘s counseling to help her cope and gotten her to feeling much better with each week!

Now, instead of needing a walker… Debbie goes for walks! She has lost more than 30 pounds in just three months. She says, “I sleep great!” Friends comment that she looks younger now that her face is not grimaced in pain. Best of all, Debbie is back to her optimistic self!


Treatment Plan: Selective Nerve Root Blocks
As a retired District of Columbia EMT, Ricardo Royal experienced first hand how important it is for a doctor or caregiver to understand and connect with their patients in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. Now, Ricardo has experienced that from the other side, as a pain patient. Ricardo suffers from the pain of his degenerative disc disease. His condition worsened to the point that he lost one and a half years from his firearms safety and training business. As he puts it, “pain becomes the preeminent thing‘.my family is involved and affected by this”. After seeing a neurologist and another pain specialist who seemed to miss the solution, Ricardo found KURE Pain Management through his health insurer, Aetna.

One thing that Ricardo learned from his days as an EMT, “when you can relax a patient‘s mind, the body responds”. He knew from his first appointment with KURE Pain Management‘s Dr. Damean Freas, that this experience would be different. The first thing Dr. Freas had him focus on were his posture and his mode of lifting and movement. Seemingly small things that can make a big difference to minimize pain. From there, Ricardo and Dr. Freas gradually implemented a treatment plan incorporating KURE Pain Management‘s practice of a “total care” concept.

Ricardo knows that he will never be able to do some things again because of his disease. However, he has gone from barely being able to move due to debilitating pain, to working full time growing his business and enjoying activities with his boys. That is a success!


Treatment Plan: Facet Joint Injections and Epidural Steroid Injections
Kathy Grimley, a patient of Dr. Paul Davies, suffers from Degenerative Disc Disease and has been dealing with severe pain for many years. Kathy suffered neck trauma after a car accident in her early 20‘s but what really set off her neck pain was something as simple as teaching her granddaughter to swim. When the pain first became too much to bear Kathy went to a Chiropractor. After a few months of treatment, she still felt a great deal of pain and decided she needed to add another method of treatment along with the Chiropractic care.

A friend and former patient of Dr. Davies referred her to KURE Pain Management. She has now been a patient of Dr. Davies for the last two years and says ‘there is no way I could continue to work and live a normal life without Dr. Davies’ treatment”.

Dr. Davies first treated Kathy with Facet Joint Injection and Epidural Steroid Injections. After receiving the first set of injections Kathy claims “I felt better within days”. She eventually had to undergo surgery but due to these treatments she was able to postpone that for quite some time. Now as part of her continued treatment plan she receives Trigger Point Injections twice a month and massage therapy to keep her muscles relaxed and her body at peace.

Kathy describes the treatment at KURE Pain Management as “an overwhelmingly great feeling. The joint effort from everyone is amazing and I feel like a queen when I walk into the office. The staff is great and can‘t do enough to make you feel comfortable”.